What is Anna?

What is Anna? Anna is Clear® 24/7 EMERGENCY roll-on is an innovative formulation based on a rye ferment and has been clinical proven effective to normalize Probionibacterium acnes. This is the causative agent of acne vulgaris.  Normalising the P. acnes prevents starting comedones, zits and pimples to grow. Ultimately preventing infections and lifetime scarring. Anna is Clear is world's first formulation able to achieve this without damaging the skin's healthy micro-flora.

- Anna is Clear® contains only 100% natural ingredients.
- Anna is Clear® does not contain harmful chemicals.
- Anna is Clear® has no side effects.

Clinical tests demonstrated a 95% recovery rate from symptoms of acne after being treated with the Anna is Clear formulation. No scars were evident in 60% of our participants. (Scars are an expected outcome of acne.)

NOTE: No information on this blog is medical advice. It is free web-based information only.
Please consult with a qualified doctor regarding any skin issues. Anna is a cosmetic product and not a pharmaceutical product as the symptoms of acne can return after discontinuation using the product. On average the inflammations came back after 28 days of non-use. NOTE: Immediately upon restart with the Anna is Clear® formulation the symptoms disappear again. 

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