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    Sour friends

    Sour friends

    You're never alone. Your sweet 'sour friends' are always there!

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    Maybe you thought so, but in daily life, you are never alone. Still it is not necessary to immediately become paranoid, you will not be followed by anyone. There is a community of nearly 1,000 different types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites that live on your skin. It is known as the skin's microbiome and plays a crucial role in the immune system. In total, the average adult person carries around 1 kilo of microbes on his skin.

    Having an abundant, well-balanced microbiome plays an important role in your health. The microorganisms help produce vitamins, hormones and chemicals that affect everything from your mood to metabolism to the immune system.

    Most people know that the skin is the body's first line of defence against injury or potential pathogens/bacteria. But it is not actually the skin or the cells of your skin that act as the main front line. The first important defence is the microbiome of the skin in combination with the acid mantle in which it is located.

    The acid mantle is a small film on the surface of the horny layer consisting of fatty acids, lactic acid, pyrrolidine-carboxylic acid, amino acids and a lot of other scientific terms.

    This acid mantle is caused by the secretion of, and especially by the subsequent evaporation of, sweat. The acidity of sweat varies between pH 4 and pH 6. And there are some places on the skin where this discharge layer is not acidic, but neutral or basic, namely the armpits, the genital area and under the feet. That is the reason that these places are particularly susceptible to infection by pathogens that prefer a non-acidic climate (fungal diseases, for example).

    The skin environment is rather unfriendly to bad bacteria. It is cool and dry. The pH is acidic (between 4.5 and 5.5). And even sebum, the lubricant of your skin, is antimicrobial. Ideally, the skin has an abundant amount of healthy microbiota to combat all the bad bacteria that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Sometimes the microbiome can use a "push" to function even better. Anna is Clear acts in this way, among other things.

    The pH of the skin influences various factors that contribute to overall health. Skin with pH values below 5.0 has been shown to be healthier, more hydrated and have a stronger barrier function than those above 5.0.

    Many products against impure skin are based on salicylic acid. What many people do not know is that the pH of the cream in which salicylic acid is 'packaged' must be low to allow salicylic acid to do its job, preferably 3-4. If the pH is much higher or lower, salicylic acid loses its effect. Unfortunately, as a consumer, you cannot read on the label what the pH value of the cream is.....

    The acidic salicylic acid (pH 2.8) in combination with the "ideal" acidity of the cream (pH 3-4) gives a good chance of irritations, itching and dry skin. Furthermore, it breaks down many important fats with an increased risk of premature skin aging. Not the most ideal situation and that is why the Association of Dutch General Practitioners no longer prescribes salicylic acid-based products because: "... the effectiveness of this medicine is unclear, it has many side effects and has no place in the step-by-step plan ..."

    Anna is Clear is a unique patented formula based on an organic ingredient. The formula has a pH value for ideal communication with the skin, communication with the immune system and for bringing the active ingredient to the problem-causing bacteria in a unique patented way. By applying several times daily, or for example preventively for your monthly hormonal fluctuations, you strengthen the microbiome and prevent and improve an impure skin.

    24/7 on-the-go care to always get immediate control over your skin. 



    Anna is Clear, available only via selected distributors.

                                                                                 Happy skin, happy life!

    A few pH values for your information:

    pH 1 = Battery acid
    pH 1.5 - 3.5 = stomach acid
    pH 2 = Lemon juice
    pH 3 = Soft drinks
    pH 3.4 = Distilled white vinegar
    pH 3.5 = Orange juice
    pH 4.5 = Beer / skin
    pH 5.0 = Tea and coffee / skin
    pH 5.5 = Rainwater / skin
    pH 6.2 - 7.4 = Saliva
    pH 6.8 = Milk
    pH 7 = distilled water
    pH 7.4 = Human blood
    pH 9 = Baking soda
    pH 9 = Sea water
    pH 9.0-10.0 = Soap and detergents
    pH 10.5 = Magnesia
    pH 11.5 = Ammonia for household use
    pH 12.6 = Bleaching agent for household use
    pH 14 = Lye (sodium hydroxide)



    NOTE: No information on this site is medical information. We recommend a doctor's visit for skin disorders. Anna is Clear® is a cosmetic product and not a pharmaceutical product. It is also not a permanent cure because the symptoms eventually reappear when the product is no longer used.

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