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    Travel and blemished skin

    Travel and blemished skin

    Travelling around when you suffer from hormonal fluctuations and/or sensitive skin might be a nightmare. The right skin routine could help you become a happy traveller.



    Some people suffer from hormonal fluctuations, extremely dry skin or acneatic skin that irritates quickly with inflammations or comedones. They often have troubles after a day in a plane, meeting room or exhibition centre with lots of dry air. And of course, these problems always flare up at the most inconvenient moments arriving at your destination for a wedding, business meeting or the once-in-a-lifetime dance festival you have saved for years to pay for.


    It doesn’t matter whether you travel for business or pleasure. Dry air, daily life pollution as dust and other particles will influence your skin. With a healthy, strong and fully in balance microbiome your skin will be happy and will show it to others. But over-cleansing with harsh products, using the wrong make-up and skincare, taking not enough care or not having enough knowledge about what you eat and how this influences your skin, this all could let you end up with a weak and imbalanced microbiome at your travel destination.


    The microbiome of the skin exists of billions of bacteria, of which most are there to protect our skin. But when the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria is thrown off, skin problems can arise or worsen. For blemished skin, the C. acnes (in full the Cutibacterium acnes formerly known as Propionibacterium- or P. acnes) is the main causative bacterium to blame.


    When you travel it’s so tempting to drop into your hotel bed when you’re tired and don’t worry about removing your make-up. You might go from dehydrating hotel lounges to sweating deserts and from freezing airconditioned shopping malls to hot, rattling and dusty buses. All factors which will increase the change that you’ll have dry skin with red spots the next day.


    Also if you decide for a sauna and a long hot shower after a day of work or skiing in the cold you might get problems. Most water has a ph7 value whereas your skin has/needs ph4,5 to ph5.5. So hot water will dry out your skin, promoting the skin to produce extra sebum. And extra sebum means extra C. acnes, means an increased risk for blemished skin. Ending your sauna and daily shower routine with a cold shower or bath might prevent some skin problems.


    Many travellers will get annoyed by not being able to do anything while noticing their skin isn’t in the best condition and skin problems seem to arrive. Most people will reach out to their beauty bag in the evening to use (aggressive) cleansing lotions, scrub the top layer of their skin and use strong moisturizing (night) cremes or an aftersun lotion. But these products might bring even more chaos in the microbiome!


    At the end of the day, the microbiome is set up to compensate the dryness and to produce sebum to moisturize the skin. But now it finds out the skin gets even more dried out by a cleansing product, and by scrubbing the natural acid mantle of the skin has disappeared and this needs to be resolved. But at the same moment, the skin is extremely moisturized from the outside…. You can imagine the stress you created for the microbiome. We don't think the above is the right routine. We think that with our international patented formulation we can bring you a revolutionary and better solution.


    Anna is Clear is unique of its kind. By its patented application, you don’t have to wait for the evening but you can take care of your skin almost invisible for others 24hour and 7 days in the week. You’re the only one to decide when your skin needs a little extra help. But even more important: Anna is Clear will not dry out the skin! It will promote the microbiome to perform better itself and it will inhibit extensive growth of the C. acnes bacteria to prevent inflammations and comedones. It contains only 6 natural-based ingredients which are known by the skin, which support the important microbiome processes and helps your skin and you to become a happier traveller.


    Soon available at airports and duty-free locations around Europe!


    Loves Anna


    Happy skin, happy life

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