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    Review door Renee, Geplaatst op 07-02-2019, 5 Ster(ren).
    Concerning the serum; in my opinion this works very well. I would certainly recommend it!
    Review door Sandra, Geplaatst op 05-10-2018, 5 Ster(ren).
    My teen son is covered by acne and is very happy with this product! Sandra
    Review door webshop klant, Geplaatst op 05-01-2018, 5 Ster(ren).
    I am very happy with Anna is clear. Do not have severe acne, read; of course some small pimples. You do not really hear me about that. But sometimes three of those inflammations at the same time. Of those inflammations that just go right if you bend over to pick something up or something. Where you get a headache because there is so much tension on it. I have noticed that if I feel one and then Anna smear, he is the next day or the same (so does not get bigger) or already a whole lot less. In short, they do not become inflammations and the size decreases. Very pleasant! I have become a lot more secure.
    Review door Ashmini, Geplaatst op 18-08-2017, 5 Ster(ren).
    The serum is sooo nice! 
    Review door lucca, Geplaatst op 26-03-2017, 5 Ster(ren).
    It works great and doesn't dry out the skin.
    Review door Lude, Geplaatst op 03-02-2017, 5 Ster(ren).
    Really magical stuff! It is super simple and with fast results. My skin is much calmer !!!
    Review door Rory, Geplaatst op 13-12-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    Via email: "I do notice a difference, so I can say with certainty that the product works.
    It also seems to be better for my skin than what I used before.
    However, the price is still a stumbling block but I'm just going to consider that quietly.
    Thanks again for your response. "
    Review door Eliane, Geplaatst op 09-11-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    Review door Anne, Geplaatst op 22-06-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    Dear Anna is clear, I came into contact with your products through a webshop. As far as the roller is concerned, I am convinced by now. Now I would like to try the day / night cream!
    Review door Joyce, Geplaatst op 13-05-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    We have been using it for six months now and are very satisfied
    Review door sophie, Geplaatst op 11-04-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    Very nice

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    It works pretty well. I could do with a bigger packaging, because I run out of the roller too quick!!
    Review door Janneke, Geplaatst op 30-03-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    I really enjoyed the product! It is pleasant to use because, unlike other products, it does not feel prickly or annoying.
    Review door Gulietta, Geplaatst op 11-03-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    It is really a good product that has made a clear difference. Many blackheads on my nose have disappeared, which makes me very happy
    Review door Raquel, Geplaatst op 08-01-2016, 5 Ster(ren).
    Our daughters are in any case super satisfied with the roller!
    Review door Tim, Geplaatst op 14-12-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    I have been using Annaisclear for a while now. After having anointed Annaisclear 3 times a day for a few weeks and having taken a healthier lifestyle, the results are positive. My face is much cleaner and that has now persisted for a while.
    Review door hiltje, Geplaatst op 28-10-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    both my children (teen age) and myself use the roll-on. It really works, and I've really tried a lot of products. This is the first thing that makes a huge difference in just a few days. Convenient to use and easy to carry.
    Review door Felicia, Geplaatst op 14-09-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    Anna is clear works perfectly with me, I do not have one more eater! And at those spots with my chin it is still red and with skin but no more pimples!
    Review door Melissa (from Canada), Geplaatst op 22-08-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    I have used two rolls of this product. I love it. I tend to get a few pimples on my face around "my time" and it works wonders for them. But more importantly, I use it on my bacne. I have had a problem with it since I was about 25. This product keeps them away! the only pitfall is that the tube is so small. I definitely recommend!
    Review door evaluatie formulier, Geplaatst op 22-06-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    Huid ziet er rustiger uit. Pukkel die ontstaat blijft op de plek en ontploft niet, breidt zich niet uit.
    Review door Robin, Geplaatst op 17-06-2015, 4 Ster(ren).
    Zeker verbetering maar nog niet weg
    Review door anoniem, Geplaatst op 16-05-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    Mijn zusje heeft Anna is Clear online gekocht. Voor haarzelf en haar dochter. Ze is er super blij mee.....
    Review door Cheyenne via twitter, Geplaatst op 13-04-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    en het werkt echt!
    Review door from an USA partner, Geplaatst op 03-03-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    ....would you mind bringing more Anna is Clear samples, some people really love it!
    Review door Anoniem, Geplaatst op 02-02-2015, 5 Ster(ren).
    Suuuuperblij is mijn dochter! Ze zat onder en is nu helemaal Clean!
    Review door Laurie H, Geplaatst op 21-12-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    IT works!!!

    Heel tevreden, ik merk dat Anna is Clear bij mij ook werkt op reeds aanwezige puistjes etc. Ze worden niet groter. Ben helemaal happy!!
    Review door Riska, Geplaatst op 26-11-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Super spul! Had last van hormonale schommelingen wat gepaard ging met een onzuivere huid. Ik smeer nu 3 keer per dag en m'n huid ziet er veel rustiger uit :-)
    Review door Manon van der Sluijs, Geplaatst op 24-11-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Mijn dochtertje van 11 gebruikt Anna is Clear nu net een week, en al binnen een aantal dagen zag ik duidelijk resultaat; haar onrustige huid die eerst vol meeeters en puistjes zat is veel rustiger geworden, puistjes verdwijnen; heel erg blij mee! Het is ook een heel fijn rollertje om te gebruiken, geen vervelende geur en makkelijk mee te nemen..
    Review door Mary, Geplaatst op 10-10-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    It lighten and reduce the spot on the affected area and reduces the appearance of acne!
    Review door Jan, Geplaatst op 06-08-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    The product is useful to prevent my pimples
    Review door Caroline, Geplaatst op 12-07-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Caroline via email: "Overigens is dit een geweldig product, mijn kinderen ruziën nu al wie de roll-on mag hebben..."
    Review door Sandra H., Geplaatst op 05-06-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Ik heb helaas last van behoorlijke acne in mijn gezicht. Sinds ik Anna is clear gebruik, ziet mijn huid er veel beter uit. Na ongeveer een week was het al beduidend minder en na twee weken werd mijn huid weer gladder en verdween de roodheid. Een groot deel van de ontstekingen is verdwenen. Mijn huid ziet er veel gezonder uit.
    Review door Patricia, Geplaatst op 21-05-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Such a Great natural product! It does what it says it does without drying out my skin! 1000 times thanks!
    Review door Alicia, Geplaatst op 09-04-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    via twitter:@ANNAISCLEAR Love the all natural formulation of your product!
    Review door Jules, Geplaatst op 24-03-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Unbelievable, such a top product! After 1 time use 80% of the irritation and redness was gone Anna stays in our pocket!
    Review door Joyce, Geplaatst op 24-03-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    Insane! My daughter had a rash around her nose and after using the roll-on it was less red and noticeable within a half hour. After an hour it was completely gone! I can not wait until it hits the shelves :-)
    Review door Celeste, Celebrity Make-up artist, Geplaatst op 17-01-2014, 5 Ster(ren).
    1. I LOVE how it does not irritate or dry out the skin.

    2. I find the result when I apply it to new cystic type acne, before it has develop largely. It controls it and make it smaller very quickly.
    Review door Erica, Geplaatst op 28-12-2013, 4 Ster(ren).
    "I have used annaisclear for some time now, and i love it! The roll on has made a huge difference for me. It's the only product that really helps.
    Review door Els V., Geplaatst op 13-12-2013, 5 Ster(ren).
    "The product indeed helps to stop and prevent further acne developments. However expensive! Our roller was empty within a week so more economical usage is the message ..."
    Review door Tjorven, Geplaatst op 07-12-2013, 5 Ster(ren).
    I must say I am very pleased with the product. If I felt a rising pimple I used it intensive and immedeately noticed that it became less. The pimple dissapeared much quicker.
    Review door Martijn van liemt, Geplaatst op 03-10-2013, 5 Ster(ren).
    The roll-on is a good product. Improvements are quickly visible and it is easy to apply. I advise people with acne to use this product, for me it certainly gives much benefit!

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